Padawan Consulting

Padawan means “learner” in Sanskrit. The word is derived from a combination of two Sanskrit words. "Pada" meaning foot, and "wan", spelled "vana", which means forest, or interpreted as the new world. This is perceived to mean "a footstep in the forest". In other words "You've taken your first step into this new world“ At Padawan Consulting, we believe in learning, and having a growth mindset. We embrace challenges that are within our means, we have a sense of curiosity and see opportunities where others see problems. We see effort as a path to personal mastery and we are inspired by the success or others. We promote a greater sense of independence, and continuously learn through experimentation.


“To build transformed businesses, through transformed people”

In a fast pace and ever changing world, digital transformation is a reality that companies must embrace. Padawan Consulting provides coaching and services to empower people and businesses drive new ways of thinking and working that enable digital transformation. Core focus areas include agile, digital strategy, people development, creative problem solving and innovation. We work with dynamic individuals and teams to become more responsive to change and to evolve business.


Work experience

July 2019

to present

Director Padawan Consulting

Agile/Digital Coach Group Strategy/Digital Office: Sasol

oct 2018

to jul 2019

Senior management| Enterprise risk management Group Risk Management: Sasol

Apr 2012

to Oct 2018

Senior management| Enterprise risk management Group Risk Management: Sasol

Apr 2012

to Oct 2018

Feb 2008 to

Mar 2012

Information risk and security Office of the CIO: Sasol

IT Strategy and governance manager PwC

Jul 2006 to

Jun 2008

Jan 1999 to

May 2006

IT Consultant (Information security; IT governance; Enterprise systems management) IBM

Store Manager Chunelli Shoes

Dec 1994 to

Jan 1998

Formal education


Masters of Business Administration

Advanced Professional Management Diploma


Professional Management Diploma

National Diploma of

Information Technology



Career overview
  • With over 20 years of experience in large enterprise firms spanning multiple industries, I have, with the support of my teams, successfully delivered value, achieved through driving agile ways of working, digital and technology strategies, effective risk management and governance,
  • Worked with a team to set direction and drive enablement of Digitalisation at a Group level,
  • Accumulated experience in enterprise risk management, formulating Group risk reports for Group Executive Committees and the Board,
  • Gained experience across the spectrum of Information Security, including setting strategy, direction, awareness as well as overseeing execution of strategy,
  • Business process and systems management consulting.
Key areas of expertise
Agile and agile leadership
Agile coaching and transformation
Digital and IT strategy
Enterprise and strategic risk management
Skills and passions
Agile and agile leadership
Design thinking
Training and facilitation

Curiosity and continuous learning

Integrity in all relationships

Innovation that matters


Social consciousness


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